Our music

Stand Back from the Platform Edge /

I Didn't Steal Him (I Just Found Him) 

Our new double A-side single. Two slices of country perfection, forged in the ashes of bad romances and broken dreams. You're welcome.


Recorded at the legendary Viva Recorders in Highbury by the highly talented Tim and Shireen.



Stand Back from the Platform Edge 

A song about making bad romantic decisions, and getting the Victoria Line


I Didn't Steal Him (I Just Found Him)

A song about taking her man, just because I can

The Crypt Recordings (2018)

The Crypt Recordings is the product of one magical weekend in a studio hidden beneath a church in Highbury. Perhaps it was the sound of the rain outside trying to wash away the last memories of summer, or maybe it was the faint echoes of gospel singing transmitted by the vintage bass amp, but somehow everything came together that weekend to produce these four perfectly crafted country-folk tracks. It was like a whirlwind romance, but with a happier ending.

Recorded at Viva Recorders, August 2018.




A song about someone who did absolutely nothing wrong.


Don’t Call My Name (The Cat Song)

A song about pet death, or how everything you love will one day leave you.


Between Us and the Stars 

A murder ballad that takes place during the Perseids meteor shower. 


No Time for Heartbreak

A song about a man who is dead inside.