New single out now!


Stand Back from the Platform Edge / I Didn't Steal Him (I Just Found Him) 

Our new double A-side single. Two slices of country perfection, forged in the ashes of bad romances and broken dreams. You're welcome.



Stand Back from the Platform Edge 

A song about making bad romantic decisions, and getting the Victoria Line


I Didn't Steal Him (I Just Found Him)

A song about taking your man, just because she can

About Maletta Jackson and the Reputations


Maletta Jackson writes country/folk-influenced songs of love, death and heartbreak, guaranteed to melt the coldest of cold cold hearts. Backed up by her legendary band the Reputations – assembled from the finest musicians to be found in London’s most nefarious dive bars and honky-tonks – Maletta's distinctive sound combines guitar, banjo, bass and lapsteel to bring a slice of Nashville to London.